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Warriors of the Ancient Past: Rome, The Baltic Sea, and Mogolia

I love history. It can teach us so much. We repeat it in regular cycles. Rape, pillage, conquer, destroy - repeat.

But there were good people in those times as there are now. Good legends. Heroes. Heroines. Dreamers.

"While other pigs dreamed of greyness, Nolan dreamed he was a Roman Centurion."

Nolan, a lowly pink pig, with dreams that exceed the dreamlessness of his peers and who persists in the hope that he can be something greater than the cards life has dealt him.

5x5" acrylic on canvasboard





I love a particular series of books set in the 10th century, "The Circle of Ceridwen" by author Octavia Randolph. She goes into great details of the struggles between the Angles and Saxons of the British Isles and the Danish invaders: the Vikings. It is a war between faiths: those who worship the Old Gods and those who worship the One God.

This is simply titled Viking Cat.

6x6" acrylic on canvas board

Viking Cat is a red headed Dane with the rune of Odin on his shield.

Hero of the Baltic Sea.

I recently discovered a Mongolian Heavy Metal band: The Hu. Their music is haunting, the riffs are very reminiscent of old Metal bands but played on traditional Mongolian musical instruments, and the songs are ballads about their ancestors and their Mongolian heritage. The following are my interpretations of some of their popular ballads (I hope to do many more, always trying to respect the Mongolian culture).

Wolf Totem - this is a signature song of The Hu. Loosely translated it has to do with the banner the Mongolian Genghis Khan carried as he went to war and conquered more than half of Asia. I chose the monument to Genghis Khan in the Gobi Desert to alter into a "wolf" totem. 4x6" acrylic on canvas board

Snow Leopard in Mongolian Warrior Headdress. The Snow Leopard is the ghost of the Mongolian Steppes. Regal. Silent. Deadly. A true Mongolian Warrior. 4x6" acrylic on canvas board

Mother Swan. Here is where I give Mongolians a knee: they revere the role of the woman in their heritage and history. She is lover. She is protector. She is mother. She is wisdom. She is a warrior. I gave the swan a traditional Mongolian woman's head dress with beads.

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