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Tributes - Animals Dressed Up as Heroes

A very popular genre: critters dressed up as someone real or fictional. Common animals and sometimes an endangered or threatened.

I started with a popular book series (OK, I am the only person in this house who has read every single thing published by the late Brian Jacques, but if you are also a Redwall fan, I hope you will appreciate my illustrations.

A beaver Dibbuns (young 'un in Redwall speak), a Bunny Dibbuns, and a character I made up: Ferble, the Water Vole. 3x3" canvases, acrylic or gouache.

I moved from Redwall to other heroes (although I'd certainly return to a Redwall theme at any moment!). See how many you can guess before scrolling down.

See how you did:

Popeye the Sailor Man

Sir Rod (Stewart) the Cashmere Goat

Mata Hari Buzzard *story below

Jesse Bear Stone of Paradise Police (Tom Selleck)

Frid the Kashmir Musk Deer (Johnathon Frid - the original Barnabas Collins)

To Sir With Love (Sidney Poitier as a Wallaby)

Dino Bird (Western Tanager as Dean Martin)

Bette Davis Eyes

Paris Lorikeet and her pet

Dunce Dog (Okay, this was unfair - she's my brother-in-law's dunce, Cocoa)

A Horse's Midsummer Eve - a nod to a favorite artist, Edward Roberts Hughes (Midsummer


I read a bizarre story about a Griffon Vulture that was tagged for study in Israel. The bird was released into the wild whereupon it soared over international boundaries and landed in Lebanon.

It was captured and held prisoner because the Lebanese thought the tag was a spying device. Eventually, the bird was re-released into the wild and - I presume - it returned to Israel. Or not.

The story sparked my imagination and Mata Hari was born.

gouache 3x3" on canvas

All of the above are still available for sale and some are on my Zazzle.com/store/twocrowfeatherwoman

SOLD Tributes

Same Game.

Sherlock Holmes honey bee (221B)

Robin Hood and Little John

Sherlock Scotty

Spuds McKenzie

Marlowe Coyote (Philip Marlowe/Sam Spade/Humphrey Bogart)

Janis Cow

Gomer Camel (Pvt. Gomer Pyle USMC/Jim Nabors)

Frida Hoopoe Bird (Frida Khalo)

Clint Martin (The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly)

As always, if you are interested, contact me here or browse my Zazzle store.

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