• Jaci Presley

Ten Wreck Hedgehog A Punk Band of Rodents

Here we have Rizzo Atelerix, lead singer and co-founder (the Hedgehog in the band's name). Rizzo is as British as his hero, Freddie Mercury.

Next to Rizzo is his co-founder and the bass player for the band, Titi D Rotten. Born Tim Tenrec, he was born with spiky yellow and black fur and spines and those wonderful blue feet. Titi D sings as well as accompanies on the bass. He is a native of the rainforests of Madagascar where his tribe is called the Lowland Streaked Tenrecs.

Freddy Jerboa balances on his platform with his long tufted tail. He may look awkward but he can pound out a rhythm. He's a native of North Africa where the sand is hot.

Kamal Saadim Wardi is a black-and-rouge Elephant shrew of Somalia. He plays the keyboards and acts as a back-up singer.

Last, there's Skeeter, the younger brother of Rizzo. Skeeter doesn't take anything seriously and he loves to turn around to fall into an unsuspecting Mosh Pit. The fans haven't dropped him yet, but they certainly would prefer he stayed on stage with his lead guitar!

3x3" or 2.5x3.5" acrylic on canvas

This mini series inspired my grandson to draw his own Band of Critters.

Meet The Sea Rocks by Javan W., age 9

(The Sea Rocks are not For Sale) pencil on parchment, 9x12"

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