• Jaci Presley

Strange Faeries in My House

Many years ago Godot and Charlotte came to live with me. Wire, cloth, plaster, silk, fabric, Alene's fabric drape glue, yarn, beads, dryer lint... They each stand about 2' tall. My children do not want them. I have never tried to sell them. They just haunt the hallways of our home.

Godot was the first.

Godot is on the right. He's an Autumn creature.

I never thought to paint him. He is what he is: dryer lint. silk leaves, silk cloth, a bent branch for a cane. He is a wanderer. Pearl buttons as eyes.

Then came Charlotte. The Huntress.

They are rough. They take up space. They are imperfect. They collect dust.

They are my darlings.

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