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Steampunk Illustrations and Stories

What could be cuter than a mallard duckling? Try a duckling in Steampunk attire! This guy makes it into several other paintings, but this one is his stand alone portrait. Steampunk Duck.

3x3" gouache on canvas

Harold the Brown Pelican.

Harold likes to dress up and pretend he is a spy for the Allies.

He always has a sharp eye out for the odd U-Boat surfacing in the cold Atlantic.

2.5x3.5" acrylic on canvas

Kamikaze Jack.

There's a Legend out in the High Desert country of Nevada and Southeastern Oregon (where I am from, incidentally) about t he Kamikaze Jack Rabbit Corps.

These brave soldiers of the night sit silently on the edge of wide dirt or gravel roads, and along lonely stretches of two-lane asphalt highways. They hear the rumble of an approaching vehicle and begin to time themselves. At just the right second, they leap out into the road, daring bumper and squealing tires to hit them.

Kamikaze Jack was one of the most honored of those brave and reckless souls. This is his last portrait, moments before his death.

2.5x3.5" gouache on canvas

Florence the Tame Bunny Puts on Her Pith Helmet and Backpack. 3x3" acrylic on canvas

Pete Pangolin Aeronaut.

*Pangolins range from vulnerable to critically endangered due to poaching. They are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world

3x3" acrylic on canvas

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