• Jaci Presley

Cosplay Critters

Renaissance Faire Critters

The Dark-eyed Courtier (Dark-eyed junco, formerly Oregon Junco)

Queen Autumn Bird (Varied Thrush)

Princess Peromyscus Maniculatus, Heir to the Deer Mouse Throne (and common carrier of the Hanta Virus)

gouache, 3x3" canvas

COMICON (and other cosplay conventions)

Sakuracon Horse (SOLD)

3x3" gouache on canvas

Trygve as Thor Having a Roaring Great Time (Indian Elephant)

4x4" acrylic on canvas

A Kashmir Musk Deer (love those fangs) as The Green Hornet. (Endangered Species)

5x5" acrylic on canvas

Refer to my About Page to inquire how to purchase

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