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Avast! Ahoy! There Be Pirates!

I started this series at the suggestion of a friend who does pirate cosplay. It is an ongoing series with the hope of eventually vending to pirate cons.

Pirate Cap'n Jamie Stoat is a nod to Brian Jacques' "Redwall" series of Young Adult books. There is always a bit of Redwall influence in my illustrations, although I make up my own characters. Stoats are notorious in the Redwall books, and for all the wrong reasons - they are generally sea going pirates come to raid the shores of peaceful Redwall lands. Also known as ermine, stoats are widespread and are of Least Concern.

3x3" gouache on canvas

The Steller's Sea Eagle comes in with both guns blazing a la Captain Bluebeard. He's a pirate of the Russian Far East, sailing the Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the Bering Sea, roosting all along the Russian coast and parts of Japan. 5x5" acrylic on canvas

I watched a documentary on the Magnificent Frigate Bird. True pirates, the frigate bird will follow another bird and then swoop in to steal that bird's catch of the day. That red neck can puff up to cool the bird off. 2x2" acrylic on canvas

Too many Captains and not enough Crew!

The crew can be dangerous. The Captain may think he runs the ship, but he won't get far without a (mostly) loyal crew.

Blue Crab Cooky is a pun intended: the Chesapeake Blue Crab is a meal itself. I don't think I'd mess with Cooky, however: he has a fork with which to stab anyone who complains of his culinary skills. *the Blue Crab is in decline for many reasons, including seasonal fluctuation. Fisheries are constantly managed and monitored to sustain the populations.

Peg Leg One-eyed Bat Eared Fox is from the African Savanna. He's ashore to look for treasure - or maybe he just buried it? 2.5x3.5" acrylic on canvas

Peg Leg Bosun mate is a red fox from the shores of England. it would appear that losing a limb at sea is a common hazard among foxes. This Bos'n Mate has lost two paws. 2.5x3.5" acrylic on canvas

Who is better to sit in the Crow's Nest than... a Squirrel! Agile and quick to climb. Ahoy! There's land on the horizon! 3x3" acrylic on canvas

But what about Women as pirates? Isn't there a rich female heritage on the high seas?

Women play very different roles in the life of pirates. Our fearsome Raccoon Wench is as able a crew member as any of her male counterparts. She's lost an eye, too (what is it with pirates and missing body parts?). She's been ashore with the Bat Eared Fox - they're probably in league together! 4x4" acrylic on canvas

The sexy Hare Wench is just the sort of girl pirates are looking for when they cometo port. She's got rum by the barrel or bottle, and she's not afraid to market her wares. 5x5" acrylic on canvas

There are female pirate captains of legend, like Anne Bonny and Mary Read, or Grace O'Malley.

This comely fox vixen (all limbs intact) is acrylic on a piece of slate. She is apx. 4x8".

You can wager she is scouting for new crew members. She's sly, as comely as the American pirate Rachel Wall, and as fierce as Mary Read or Anne Bonny.

None of these pieces are for sale as of yet. You may find some of them in my Zazzle Store:


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