• Jaci Presley

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Each painting tells a story. How you develop the story is up to you I just start the story with paint and give it a name.

  1. Camo Camel (SOLD) - special request commission, 3x3" acrylic on canvas.

  2. Cygnet in a Cloche -(SOLD) typical tale of the Ugly Duckling, except she has good self image. 2.5x3.5" gouache on canvas.

  3. Roscoe Shoebill and Fritz Rhinoceros-Hornbill in the park. Two cantankerous old birds playing chess. Shoebills were originally classified as storks, but are now classified under pelecaniformes. Indigenous to Africa, Vulnerable in conservation status. Rhinocerous Hornbvillsare indigenous to Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Singapore, and Thailand. They are Near Threatened. 5x5" acrylic on canvas.

  4. Bubba & Mary Sue's American Homecoming. Loveable numbats from Australia who eat insects and dream of American-style football, complete with the romantic homecoming night. These marsupials from Western Australia are endangered, unfortunately.

  5. "Everyone Knew to Avoid Betty Aye-Aye Until She had her Morning Coffee". I deny that this is a self portrait, but it might actually be one. Betty, with her curlers in her hair, is one of my favorite characters. Aye Ayes are primates of Madagascar and are endangered. 3x3" gouache on canvas.

  1. Who Goes There? 3x3" acrylic on canvas

  2. Horatio Chipmunk Sets Up His DSLR to photograph the Sun. Originally an Eclipse 2017 painting. Horatio is based on a real life character who came to visit me on a hiking trail around Silver Creek Falls State Park. 3x3" acrylic on canvas.

  3. Roscoe Living His Best Life. Apparently, I like the name Roscoe. I also love the absurd. Roscoe is decked out in his pink sparkly tutu and dancing to music no one else hears. 6x6" acrylic on canvas board.

  4. Kat the Galah Bird in Tie Dye. What else would a cockatoo of such coloration wear? acrylic on 5x5" canvasboard.

  5. Mavis the Office Manager. Both are Endangered, although rhinos are considerably more endangered. I was an Office Manager for a good many years. You have to be a rhino to get anything done. You learn how to be confrontational. You learn how to help the helpless. You earn respect. acrylic on 2.5x3.5" canvas.

  6. Vulture in a TopHat. Acrylic on 5x7" black canvas.

  1. Mrs Song Sparrow 3x3" acrylic on canvas

  2. Patsy the Pug at Road Kill Café After Breaking Up With Marley. A strawberry shake will always do. 3x3" acrylic on canvas.

  3. Professor Tom Tarsier. These primates are indigenous to SE Asia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. There are many species and they avary from Vulnerable in status to Extinct.

  4. Julie Always Wanted to Work in Construction. Northern Flicker (formerly known as red-shafted). She's just a working girl with a lot of deconstruction on her mind. 2.5x3.5 acrylic on canvas.

  5. Charlotte O'Possum and Adelaide (Addy) Quoll have been pan pals for years. When they finally get to meet in person: Best Friends Forever. Both are marsupials from different worlds: Charlotte from the New World and Addy from the Land of New Guinea and Australia. Charlotte's people are not endangered, but Addy's family is in the Threatened status.

I painted Mallard Duckling in a Beanie and Rain Boots in 2017. (acrylic on canvas 2.5x3.5").

I expanded his story in 2020 to include a friend in glasses and an umbrella beanie, playing in a puddle in the rain. The whole Mallard community came out to join them on this very rainy day. Acrylic on 6x8" canvasboard.

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